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"Get the Women and the Lifestyle You Desire - Live Like an Alpha Man..."

From the Desk Of: Carlos Xuma & Dean Cortez
Subject: The Alpha Rules -- 21 Principles For Achieving the Alpha Lifestyle™

You should know by now that women are NOT attracted to looks.

In fact, if you are good looking, you're probably working at a slight disadvantage because the first thing she thinks about you is "Player!"

And if you want to be the best looking guy in the group when you're out, you don't do it with your face or your six-pack abs at all.

You should also know that women ARE attracted to money, but do you really know why this true? And why you absolutely do NOT need to spend a lot of money to show her you're rich? We'll show you.

You should know that women need to go through a chain of events to feel attracted to you, to trust you, and then to decide they'll answer your phone calls or date you later on. You may even think you know what those steps are from a bunch of other "systems."

The truth? It's not about these steps at all. It's something that most struggling single guys never figure out.

Read on to find out what the Truth about this Matrix is, Neo.

"But there was something missing..."

Most every letter we receive about using the strategies and techniques of the "pickup gurus" talks about getting some initial success, but eventually running completely out of gas when it comes time to make the conversation real and authentic.

What all these other systems lacked was a special ingredient. They lacked the ability to make this skill of pickup and attraction come full circle to deliver what it was truly capable of doing for you.

That special ingredient is something that no one has been able to teach - until now. This ingredient is the SOUL of your own personal attractiveness to women, and it's as unique as your own fingerprint.

Now you will learn the complete picture of how to use pickup and attraction strategies to achieve success with women - AND your entire life!

So what is the problem out there in the singles world?

Is it really this hard to meet hot women?

Well, the problem is that guys are thinking that they can trick or fool their way into a woman's heart and bed, and it's simply not true. And NO it's not hard to do it the right way and meet any woman you want.

build your self confidence Look, the law of attraction with women works much the same way as it works in your life, too. Perhaps you've seen the video called "The Secret" which talks about this. We'll save you the trouble and tell you how this "secret" works right here:

You become what you think about.

Pretty simple, huh? It's the same 'secret' that has been talked about for thousands of years. As a matter of fact, in recent times this same message was a best selling audio recording from Earl Nightingale called "The Strangest Secret."

The message is the same:

You become what you think about.

The essence of this concept is that your mind is a self-programming computer, and if you focus intently on acquiring prosperity, you will find wealth and riches coming to you in your life - in whatever form you desire. It works the other way, too - if you focus on all the bad things that could happen to you, they probably will. We bet you probably know a few of these "disaster magnets."

Now, the actual principle of this law of attraction isn't very practical for guys who want to use it to raise their sexual attraction because you have to take ACTION to get what you want. It's not about wishful thinking.

"It's about your LIFESTYLE..."

What we've done is create a way that you can harness the power of this principle in your life by creating the one thing that all men and women are attracted to.

"Now you will learn the complete picture of how to use pickup and attraction strategies to achieve success with women..."


"You'll conquer ALL areas of your life with greater skill, charisma and confidence."

It's all about LIFESTYLE.

Alpha Man Lifestyle.

And not just any type of lifestyle. We're talking about living a life, and projecting an aura that all men and women are inspired by and attracted to. When women sense that you are an Alpha Man with goals and purpose, you'll move past the need for techniques - and you'll become the Natural with women.

You've probably heard of me - Carlos Xuma - and my groundbreaking program for men called: "The Secrets of the Alpha Man." In it, I explained how to create the kind of attitude - the dominant masculine attitude - that women want and desire. Men everywhere hailed this program as the missing link that established the inner confidence and self-esteem they needed to master the other pickup techniques.

Dean Cortez was one of the creators of the Mack Tactics program, which
received rave reviews in international publications and has helped
thousands of guys to achieve breakthroughs. It taught that the core of
your game starts with your inner respect and role as a powerful Man.

Now this system has been taken to the next step. We're about to hand over the complete package of knowledge, tools and tactics that will create the ultimate YOU.

"Here's How To Meet And Date The highest Quality Women..."

We will show you the specific steps and exact techniques to help you be more successful with women and dating... and you won't have to be rich, drive a fancy car, or be good looking to do it...

We go out to bars, clubs, parties - all kinds of places all the time, and we consistently find women who are attractive, and within a few minutes we can get their phone number - and the next date. Even with ONLINE dating.

How do we do it?

Look, the first thing you know is that we're not the greatest looking guys
In fact, Carlos is 5' 10", skinny, with a big nose. Dean is tall
and gangly, and prefers to dress in t-shirts and ripped-up jeans rather
than suits.

We're not your Hollywood hunks, okay?

But what we discovered is that women are not as drawn to appearances as you might think.

Yes, image is important, but looks are not the deciding factor. In fact, good looking guys actually have more hurdles and hoops to jump through to gain her trust.

It's actually easier to get past her defensive shields and into her mind if you don't have this baggage. We go out with good looking guys every weekend that can't pickup women to save their life, and they usually go home depressed and alone. Believe us when we tell you that most of these GQ types have no game at all.

Most men will not experience the level of success with women that they desire. They will be forever held back by their egos, their shame, their low level of confidence with women, and often their ignorance as to how this game is REALLY played.

A few years back, before we even met, Dean and I had both pretty much bottomed out of the social scene. We were sitting at home, watching a Seinfeld re-run, and we realized that we were going to be without a date for the weekend.

AGAIN. The seventh weekend in a row.

(This is what some guys call a "moment of truth," when you realize that you cannot keep going down the same old path of failure anymore.)

Something had to give!

We couldn't stand the thought of not understanding this game of dating women another day. It was time to do whatever it took to figure this thing out. Other guys we knew had woman ALL the time, so we knew this was a set of skills that could be learned.

We invested thousands of dollars in self-help books and audio programs
(don't bother, they didn't help...) and spent even more on seminars. We
signed up for dating services and online matchmaking. We went to speed
dating events.
We even started trying things out at church. (Oh, come on
... why do you think so many single women are there every week?)

There's a book out there called "The Rules" that teaches women how to manipulate men to get them to marry them, and there's even a book out there that teaches women how to find and marry rich guys. Most of these principles were based on deceptive mind games that we thought only stalkers used.

In the end, we noticed something shocking and sobering. It's something you need to know, friend...

Most men simply give up and "settle" for the woman that will marry him. And, after a few years, most of these women file for divorce from their husbands.

(Yes, it's true... most divorces are initiated by women who are sick of the kind of guys that can't demonstrate the Alpha traits we're about to show you... You don't have to be one of these guys.)

We discovered there were a basic set of principles that a guy could use to get success with women, and they weren't manipulative or deceptive in the slightest. In fact, when we told women we were writing this book, they were fascinated and asked if they could help with the project!

Women WANT men to know these secrets.

But the sad fact is that they will NEVER tell you them - because if they told you, it would be like they were giving away insider stock trading information. There's a secret silence among women to protect this information from getting out to guys.

But we're going to give you every bit of it...

There are three kinds of men out there.
Which one are you?

  1. The man that isn't doing well with women. It's a real struggle for him to find women and get dates.

  2. The man that is doing "okay" with women. He gets dates frequently, but he doesn't know how to stay in control or get the results he desires.

  3. The man that is doing REALLY well with women, but he wants that edge to understand the game fully and realize his full potential.

The Alpha Rules will help you if you're any one of these guys.

If you're struggling, you'll get the information you need to improve and massively change your dating success.

If you're moderately successful, you'll get the tips and tactics that will put you into the top percentile of men who get any woman they want.

And if you're doing really well with women right now, we'll make you even better by showing you how the Matrix works - and how to hack it the right way.

Oh, by the way, this isn't some book full of tired cliches about women, or a bunch of old pickup lines to use in bars. We went through years of research, conducted years of psychological analysis, years of assimilating the experiences of other successful men into what you're about to read.

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"I can't recommend Carlos' products highly enough... Carlos' stuff really took me to the next level..."


Audio testimonial
Listen to Keith from Reno, NV talk about how the Alpha Rules has made a fantastic difference in his life...

"Carlos Xuma's new book is a breath of fresh air in the often overwhelming world of Seduction/Self Help. He really gets to the nitty-gritty of getting your Social & Business life together and has helped to clarify and cut through the BS. After reading the Alpha Rules, I now know... I finally have a clear vision and focus as to what I want and know I can achieve out of life!"

- Keith Murray

"A concise, succinct, and revealing analysis of social dynamics.

I was looking to purchase one of these and compared about five of them and this one won my dollars."

- David E. - Mill Valley, CA

"Hi Carlos. Thanks for the Alpha Rules. It is already proving useful and practical. It is showing me what to look out for in my own psychologies when dealing with women and life in general..."

- Peter S.

"This is a great book. It tell you everything one needs to know and then some. The bonuses are worth the price in themselves, especially the teleseminars..."

- C. R.

"Books about Pick up are in most cases just promos for workshops. That was big disappointment for me in many cases. But when I read this... my surprise was enormous! Xuma and Cortez revealed almost every 'secret' and concept that is taught in their fantastic workshops (I had the honor to work with Carlos Xuma 1-on-1). This book by itself is a complete blueprint for your development... there are plenty of powerful tools like this inside the covers of this Masterpiece.

Definitely, a must have for every aspiring communicator or Alpha Man!"

- Petar Igrac, BudiMoja Team, First Serbian Dating Coach

Carlos, thanks for a great book, full of motivation and ways and means. I've had it about 3 months now, and have been working with it. It has totally opened up a whole new way of thinking about being a man in a social circumstance. It is enabling me to recognize certain aspects of my current ways of thinking that have been impediments in the past to happiness and satisfaction with relationships.

I tended to be the kind of guy that would latch onto a woman that I liked and focus on her alone, until, usually, she left me. Now I am finding that the best way is to keep a wide focus on many opportunities until the RIGHT one for an exclusive relationship comes along.

Almost like looking at a star in a telescope. You can see more light and more details of the stars when you DON'T focus on them. My life is changing for the better now, 3 years after ending a 20 year marriage and your books and podcasts have helped. Thank you!

- Peter S., Santa Fe, NM

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Audio testimonial
CLICK PLAY to hear about how Derrin J. From Phoenix, AZ has used the Alpha Rules to improve his confidence...

Introducing The Alpha Lifestyle™ Program
The Alpha Rules is your first step in a complete instructional system designed to put men on a path towards personal power, career success and total confidence with women.

Alpha Rules program will help you become an Alpha Man You are about to unlock the full potential of your inner masculine power. The Alpha Rules goes light-years beyond learning "pickups" or working on your "game." This is about creating a bold new attitude and lifestyle. It's about reclaiming the masculine power that resides within all of us, and breaking through the barriers and limiting belief systems that have been holding you back.

The Alpha Man is the socially savvy, dominant male of the 21st century. He is a leader of men and knows how to attract, engage and stimulate women. Once you've started the Alpha Lifestyle™ Program, you will join this elite group and be on the fast-track towards Ultimate Personal Achievement.

This program works on multiple levels. First, you will learn to develop a mindset of absolute, unstoppable confidence that will eliminate any feelings of fear, anxiety or complacency. Next, we will teach you an arsenal of specific tactics and techniques for winning in any social setting. This especially applies to your interactions with women.

You will learn automatic approaches, the secrets of subliminally guiding and controlling conversations, surefire "closing" techniques, and most importantly, gain the confidence and knowledge to date the most desirable women on your terms, instead of theirs.

The cornerstone of the Alpha Lifestyle™ Program is the book The Alpha Rules, which lays out and explains 21 principles for achieving sexual power and a superior lifestyle. The Program will soon include an extensive DVD set in which Carlos Xuma, along with some very special guests, leads a life-changing interactive seminar that brings these lessons to life.

Any man can unleash his inner Alpha Man and start living life on his own terms, TODAY. It's time for you to become the architect of your own destiny, and live a lifestyle of NO regrets and MAXIMUM results. The Alpha Lifestyle™ Program will show you exactly how.

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Dean Cortez says:

This material is proven and powerful. It's not like anything you've ever read or learned about dating tactics or achieving personal excellence. What's also unique about the Alpha Lifestyle™ Program is that it's the first time that two of the top dating & lifestyle coaches in the country have joined forces to come up with something truly revolutionary.

Carlos Xuma and I each developed our own revolutionary systems which helped men around the world break through to new levels of success, power, wealth and achievement. Now, we've combined our knowledge and expertise to create the ultimate lifestyle program - one that is designed to transform men into true Alpha Men in every sense.

I'm the co-founder of M.A.C.K. Tactics, which started with a best-selling book in 2005. It evolved into a massive online community, as thousands of guys around the world began to look inside themselves, harness their inner masculine power, and unleash the "Mack" that I believe is inside of every man.

The Alpha Rules takes it to the next level by expanding the scope and raising the stakes. Look, I've read every book out there on dating, seduction, and personal achievement. I want to tell you something right now from the bottom of my heart: I don't just preach about this stuff. I live it.

I've met many of the so-called "gurus" who preach on the topic of seduction, and I've had the displeasure of seeing them trying to be naturally social with women. There were very few of these so-called "experts" that I would allow to mentor me on the aspects of creating a quality lifestyle of high-caliber, beautiful women.

I mention this because as we say in our book The Alpha Rules, you should never accept advice from someone who is not already excelling in that area. And when it comes to living an Alpha lifestyle™ - no regrets, maximum results - I'm on that train, and I never intend to jump off.

Carlos and I have discovered the secrets to living life on the highest, most fulfilling and exciting level possible. Now we want you to come onboard and take this ride with us...

Audio testimonial
The Alpha Rules - even the women in New York...!

The Alpha Rules e-book will show you...

What "The Alpha Rules" is NOT!

The Alpha Rules is not another lame self-help book This program is NOT another lame self-help book like you see in the stores these days. This is time-proven success secrets from the Natural Alpha Men who GET women
The Alpha Rules is not about pickup lines This program is NOT another tired collection of "pickup lines".
The Alpha Rules is not a bunch of useless dating tips This program is NOT a bunch of useless dating tips on body language, like "walk confidently".
The Alpha Rules is not about field reports This program is NOT a collection of "field reports" from guys talking about their sleazy conquests.
The Alpha Rules is not list of affirmations This program is NOT another list of affirmations - we show you how to build REAL confidence with REAL life skills.

Audio testimonial
Click to Hear Mike: "It's already enhanced my ability to attract women by 90%...

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HTML - How To Meet women onLine! Ebook

HTML - How To Meet women onLine! Ebook The first is our "HTML Guide," the ultimate manual for meeting and connecting with women online. We'll show you how to not only meet girls on the Internet (which anyone can do), but connect with them in a powerful way that makes them want to move the relationship into the "real world" as soon as possible. The Internet is your next frontier to meet quality women �yet very few guys understand how to make themselves stand out from the crowd. With this e-book you will find out exactly how we do it and GET DATES without fail.

There's absolutely no shame in the Internet dating game. In fact, it's an incredibly effective and convenient tool for the modern Alpha Man. Stop wasting your time pushing through the crowds at the bars. Stop screaming at the top of your lungs and competing for drunk party girls in obnoxious, smoky clubs. Internet dating websites put thousands of available, attractive women literally at your fingertips, and just like in the "offline" world, there are tactics and techniques you can utilize to ensure success.

But did you know, most men on these sites are blowing their chances without ever realizing where they're going wrong? There are special modifications you must make to your "game," and rules you must follow, to score in the online world. In this guide, you'll learn what to do to make your online profile ROCK solid.

When you download your copy of THE ALPHA RULES, we'll also send you THE H.T.M.L. GUIDE (How To Meet Women Online) as a special bonus e-book. This information-packed manual covers every aspect of Internet dating. We'll show you how to "pimp your profile" to guarantee responses from women, what mistakes to watch out for, and how to move your online flirtations into real-world romance as quickly as possible!

You'll learn:
  • Why you MUST use Internet dating to complete your Alpha Lifestyle™...
  • The mistakes 90% of guys make in their choice of username and their headline - with examples of all of real-life good and bad ones...
  • The mistakes guys are making in their profiles - what they're revealing that they shouldn't, and what they should!
  • The challenges you can expect when using online dating - and your tactical advantages...
  • What's going on behind the scenes - and what's going on in her mind...
  • The online dating progression - from start to finish...
  • What you must never put in your profiles...
  • How to re-phrase things the right way - with examples...
  • Handling the woman's BIG Question - what it is and how to answer it...
  • How to communicate the most important factor for a woman - safety...
  • What you must do before you go for the phone number or the date... (Hint: This is one thing that guys miss all the time)
  • The two big subjects that you must not discuss online...
  • Handling multiple online relationships - how to not get tripped up...
  • A complete profile dissected and revised step-by-step, with examples of how to improve every area of your own for maximum results...

Game Time Ebook

Game Time Ebook Get your copy of THE ALPHA RULES now and you'll also receive the bonus e-book GAME TIME included free ($24.97 value). This book is packed with expert advice about dating and relationships, along with specific tactics and strategies for closing the deal with women, Alpha-style. You'll learn how to handle many of the common challenges and questions faced by men in today's pickup scene.

Once you've read THE ALPHA RULES and start living the Alpha lifestyle™, GAME TIME will arm you with additional advanced skills and knowledge to close deals and make it happen.

Here's some of what you'll learn and use in "GAME TIME":
  • The Dynamics of Attraction: Why men and women have different "attraction triggers," and how to capitalize on this...
  • Should you buy her a drink? What to do, and how to spin this situation to your advantage...
  • Neutralizing the competition: How to shut down the Beta Males competing for the woman you want...
  • Scoring a "10": Power techniques for seducing "high status" females...
  • Deal Closers: Why getting a phone number might not be enough, and how to guide the encounter towards sex...
  • The Commitment Question: Deciding on a committed relationship vs. maintaining multiple relationships... Choose the lifestyle you desire...
  • Why women are drawn to "bad boys," and how to add a "rock star" edge to your own game...
  • The problem with "Negs," and what tool you should use that works better for building attraction with all women...
  • How to execute the 70-30 Switch: The power technique for approaching multiple women and closing the one you want...

Bonus Audio Interview...

Bonus Audio Copy that comes with Alpha Rules Exclusive hour-long bonus audio interview of Carlos Xuma. This rare audio MP3 - never available before - covers the psychology of the Alpha Man - how Carlos Xuma developed his unstoppable confidence with women. Carlos and the host cover integral tactics for becoming an Alpha Man, and increasing your impact on the world around you. This high-octane program was originally recorded for release as part of a future CD interview series, but is now being made available to you as part of this devastatingly powerful program.

Here's what you'll learn...
  • The mindset of the Alpha Man - and how you jeopardize your success with your thinking...
  • How to keep women in perspective - realizing how women are no better than you are...
  • The Fixation problem - and how it hurts your game...
  • How to use "batting practice" to stay sharp with women - EASILY every day...
  • Understanding Inner Game from the inside out...
  • Handling the "tease" versus the "neg"...
  • How to deflect attention away from vulnerabilities...
  • Carlos' 3 Rules of Respect - and how to establish them in your life...
  • How to expand your social circle and increase your social proof wherever you go...
  • The importance of authenticity, and how you demonstrate it to women in your skills...

Alpha Rules MP3 version UPDATE: You can now get The Alpha Rules program in audio and ebook format - listen to it on your MP3 player, or read it...

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Of course, you don't have to decide now. Instead, grab our 90 day risk-free offer!
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"Here's how you create your Confident Alpha Lifestyle™..."

We could go on and on about all the secrets and tips and strategies you're going to learn and use in The Alpha Rules program, but what we'd like to do is take all the risk for you...

Order The Alpha Rules right now, and your purchase is completely protected with our 100% Guarantee. If you don't find that the information you learn and USE from this program (yes, you actually have to use it to benefit from it) improves your dating success and confidence, as well as your overall self-image and attitude, simply contact us within 60 days for a full refund.

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Imagine how you'll improve your skills with women - and your life and happiness - with this program in your library. You'll have the knowledge to build your social skills. You'll have the freedom and peace of mind of having taken care of this area of your life. You'll also be a role model and an example to those around you who turn to you for advice and direction.

Here's What You're Going to Get...

You're under no obligation. Simply order the e-book now and get started with your learning. You'll get The Alpha Rules E-book, 250 pages of raw power for you to tap into. You'll get the bonus e-book to prepare you for online dating, and get you results like you've never had before. You'll get the bonus Game Time e-book to illustrate these Alpha principles in action. And you'll even get a rare interview with Carlos Xuma on the mindset of the Alpha Man.

And it's all covered with a 100% Worry-free Guarantee.

Say goodbye to all those nights alone wondering where and how to meet women.

Say goodbye to awkward moments in the conversation.

Say goodbye to the flaky women and being stood up on dates....

The Alpha RULES - and you're about to find out why...

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Wishing you confidence and total success with women,

P.S. Don't Be TRICKED into thinking: "This can't work for ME..."

It's tempting to fall back into limiting beliefs, like "I'm not rich enough," or "I'm not tall enough," or any of those excuses. The reality is that we have trained guys in these EXACT principles, and they have worked for nearly every single man.

Remember - if you keep going on the path you are now, without any guidance, you may never figure out the secrets we've unlocked to living the Alpha Lifestyle™. It took us years to figure this all out, and you can learn it in just a couple hours. Take this tremendous step toward getting this area of your life taken care of - once and for all!

P.P.S. Remember that you get all the bonuses FREE with this offer - even if you decide you don't want the program and return it.

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In fact, the only way you lose is if you don't do anything.

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