Review of Carlos Xuma's Triple Threat DVD Series

When I read "The Game" by Neil Strauss I first became interested in the pickup community. I checked out a number of books and websites created by the various gurus that Neil wrote about. I learned some clever tips and pointers... ways to approach, open conversations, take a more confident, cocky approach, etc.

But still, when I talked to women, I usually felt like I was "faking" it. The insecurities I had before never really went away - it just felt like I was covering them up with stories, routines, negs, etc. Basically, I was like a car with a fancy new paint job, but I had the same old beat-up engine.

I was looking for a product or a system that would help me put all the pieces together. Sure, I wanted to learn the best pickup techniques, but I also needed to get motivated in other areas and create the overall lifestyle I wanted for myself.

Then I came across a guru named Carlos Xuma. I'd put him in a different category than guys like Mystery, David D'Angelo, etc., because Carlos takes a more complete and "holistic" approach (mind, body, spirit) to the subject of getting women.

Carlos emphasizes the importance of "Inner Game": transforming your beliefs and mindset to allow you to achieve more success... not just with women, but in other areas such as your career, finances, relationships, etc. I know he studied NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) extensively, and while some of the other teachers have incorporated NLP into their material, Carlos does it in a way that makes you a more attractive, successful person on EVERY level. Not just when you're trying to talk to a girl.

Anyway, I got on Carlos' email list, and I was excited when he sent out an email about a special, exclusive seminar he was hosting in Las Vegas. He wanted to hand-pick a small group of students to learn his new system, which he calls "Alpha Lifestyls: Triple-Threat."

I wound up being chosen to participate in the seminar, and it was honestly one of the coolest weekends of my life. The seminar was held in an amazing penthouse suite overlooking the Vegas Strip. He had a couple of hot Playboy Magazine models there to assist, along with some special guests, including Christopher Curtis from M.A.C.K. Tactics, a book I love. (In addition to being a great speaker and a super-charismatic guy, Christopher is a former Hostage Negotiator and knows communication & persuasion techniques that will blow your mind.) His presentation was one of the weekend's highlights.

I learned so much from that seminar, I don't even know where to begin. Carlos laid out a complete blueprint for transforming your attitude and mindset, and then taught us awesome techniques that put a whole new spin on "pickup."

There was a camera crew there filming the seminar, and I was psyched to hear that Carlos was going to turn it into a DVD series. He recently sent me a preview copy, which looks totally slick... a very professional six-disc package.

I have to say, watching these DVDs was an even BETTER experience than being at the seminar. During the editing process, Carlos superimposed tips & reminders on the screen that make it a "full immersion" experience.

If you'd like to learn a complete arsenal of pickup strategies, there's a ton of it in there. But the Triple-Threat program goes WAY beyond that and gives you the tools you need for a complete lifestyle transformation. He breaks down the concept of "The Alpha Man" and explains, step by step, how to change every area of your life to become a far more confident, powerful and successful person.

I give this one five stars out of five. I've had it on regular rotation on my DVD player for the past couple of weeks. Before I start my day, or go out to meet women, I play a chapter of two to get my mindset exactly where it needs to be. Great stuff, and highly recommended. Nowadays, I feel like I've got a Ferrari engine under the hood!"

- Trevor A., California