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Yes, it's true...

Pickup is DEAD.

I was on my way back from Las Vegas when I came to a realization about the whole "pickup" and "seduction" community. It seemed so obvious and yet so massively important.

When I got on the plane, I opened my word-processor and started writing like a madman.

I didn't stop until after the plane arrived, and then I got home at 11:00 at night - and then I still kept on writing for hours.

When I got done, I knew I'd discovered something that other guys out there would want to know.

The first thing I realized is that pickup is dead.

It's over. The signs are everywhere.

I don't care what all the other hyped-up email newsletters you get say from other "gurus."

Pickup is DEAD.

Deader than Elvis.

There's a new breed of "pickup artist" out there, and he's already evolved through "The Game," and he's ready for something more than drunk party chicks to suck face with at 2:00 AM.

He wants something more, and in this ebook, I'll show you what it is.

And I'll show you how you can have it.

No Sales Crap...

I'm not going to write you pages and pages of sales copy here to convince you to grab my book. I don't have the time, and neither do you. Every minute I sit here trying to convince you of the obvious is time you could be spending reading it.

become an alpha man and approach these two hot womenYou need this book. As I said in the video, I was going to just give it away, but then - just like the kid who gets a free toy - it's forgotten or you don't appreciate it 'cause it's free...

And the message is far too important for you to just take for granted like that.

I'm not going to drone on and on about this. After fees, taxes, production costs, I'm still going to be in the hole on this one.

I'm not doing it for the money.

I'm doing it because you need this information - now more than ever.

Carlos Xuma's Alpha MANifesto...

Alpha Manifesto

Here's What I'll Teach You In This Ebook...
  • The One Thing you need in your search for better skills with women (page 7)

  • How a REAL life pickup artist student escaped from the world of "seduction" and became a REAL man, and how he finally got the woman he wanted without having to use a single "routine" (page 8-11)

  • My personal history - and how one of my homemade "attraction" routines works from the inside out... (page 14)

  • The Most Important Choice You Will Make In Your Life... and if you screw this one up - you're really in trouble...(page 16)

  • How your reality is being messed with... And the Big Mistake that guys are making with their "confidence..." (page 18)

  • Why pickup routines and lines don't improve your skills or your confidence... (page 20)

  • My 5-minute super-routine to start every day focused and relaxed... (page 21)

  • 5 HUGE Mistakes Guys make when learning attraction and pickup skills - including the one pickup "fad" that can cripple your ability with women... (page 22 to 30)

  • Why you can't hide your need for a woman - and why you don't have to, giving you an edge over all other guys...(page 31-33)

  • The "Think Barrier," And how this one concept can make the difference between a powerful leader or just another member of the herd...(page 34)

  • The identifying characteristic I've found all men who are successful with women have... (page 35)

  • The 3 Definite Signs that Pickup is Dead - and the hidden element that will enable you to survive the fallout when it happens...(page 14056)

  • The ONE feeling a woman must have for you, and one opening statement that will allow you to meet ANY woman, ANYwhere, ANYtime...(page 43)

  • Consumer Awareness Guide - The 4 Questions to ask yourself about the dating advice you get to ensure that you will succeed - and how to know what to avoid at all costs...(page 44-47)

  • 4 Ways To Get Your Life Back On Track - The 4 Life Compass Points that will enable you to make better choices, avoid looking "hungry" to women, and the most important trait of successful people (page 49-57)

  • 5 Essential Meta Skills of the Alpha Man: the most effective step-by-step process for taking a girl from opening introduction to sex (page 57-58)

  • The Mega Feeling a woman must feel for you to engage her romantically...(page 62-63)

  • The Great Motivator - and a huge Kick in the Ass you need to realize the potential you're sitting on and are barely even using...(page 64-71)

Quite honestly, I'm completely aware that the information I'm giving up in this ebook is worth THOUSANDS of dollars to you - if you were just to leverage the "4 Life Compass points" I explain in the book.

How much is that information above worth to you?

To the wise man, it's worth any price, because you can't put a price on the revelations that make us wake up and make better decisions about what we're doing and where we're going in life.

"I read the Alpha MANifesto and it was like the Secrets of the Alpha Man where you lit a fire under our ass to get things done that has to be done to live a better life..."

- Fred V.

"...You've got some great stuff to offer. Your Alpha MANual was (#&$ing AWESOME!! That's the kind of stuff I'd LOVE to get more of... "

- Andy H., Japan

Dear Carlos,
After reading your 70 something page masterpiece, I became filled with an incredible sense of urgency to do something more with my life, my relations with family and friends, my outlook, and my attitude.

Aside from the advice for getting better with females, your advice on becoming a man with ambition and a sense of being is something that is invaluable.

Those words were pure gold, and there are no words to explain my gratitude for you writing them and making them available to me, but I just wanted to write you and thank you anyway.

I've been on the mailing list for David D. and Mystery, and your e-mails are the only ones that make sense to me. I trust what you have to say, and look very much forward to anything else you have to offer.

Best wishes, A.R.


Let me tell you about a revelation I had...

When I was 18, I got fired from the warehouse I worked at...

Before you laugh and say, "What kind of a loser gets fired from a warehouse...?", consider this:

If I could go back in time, I'd gladly write a check to my ex-boss for $10,000 for the privilege of doing it to me all over again, because he gave me the kick in the ass I needed most.

If he had kept me on working the way I was - thinking the way I was, I would have cemented a habit that would have cost me more in character and income over the next 15 years than I could ever have imagined.

Thanks, boss.

Now THAT is perspective, my friend.

I'm deciding not to charge you $40 or $30, or even $15 for this ebook. And I know full-well that it could give you the necessary motivation and understanding that I got from being fired long ago.

I was going to charge $5 for it.

That's it.

Now I'm deciding that I will give it away.

But I need your help.

This e-book rocks.
And while you're helping me, you can enlighten your life.

Frankly, if you weren't willing to invest a measly 5 bucks in yourself, then I wouldn't be able to help you anyway. That would just show me that you're not ready to invest in a better life.

But I'm hoping you respect yourself enough to do this for me and for you.

As you know, I don't resort to a lot of high-cost advertising and such to reach out and find the guys that need my help. I rely on the good experiences of you, my readers, to help me share the wealth of good advice to help men get what they deserve from life.

As I said, I'll still end up losing money on this, but it's important for me to get this information to you - and to find more guys out there.

You can have this book for FREE. No charge.

All I ask in return is that you allow me to send 5 of your buddies my dating advice newsletter. What you can do is just fill in all 5 blanks below, and then click the button.

I'll send them ONE email asking them to come aboard. I won't even mention your name, so you'll be anonymous. And I promise I will only ask them once to come on board as a subscriber. No pestering or nonsense.

I just want the opportunity to find more guys like you who want to live a higher quality of life. Can you imagine how grateful to you they would be if they found out you were the one pointed them down this path and changed their lives for the better?

I want to share that feeling of having a deep impact on another person's life with you...

And it's your choice whether or not you ever tell them about it.

After all, every guy wants to do better with women.

So just refer 5 friends, and you get a 71 page book that will wake you up to a new reality that is unfolding out there in the dating world.

(Please be fair and honest when entering the email addresses - that's all I ask...)

Fill in the form below with your name, your email (so I can make sure you get your free copy of the book right away) and then 5 email addresses of guys you know. Click the button after you're done, and you'll get the link for the Alpha Manifesto E-book right away...

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Carlos Xuma

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