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Dean & Carlos' Desk - Tuesday, 10:10 AM:

Carlos & Dean,

I was at the dog park yesterday (great place to meet chicks, by the way) and I met this cutie. We chatted and wound up exchanging phone numbers.

How long should I wait until I call her? I don’t want to seem too eager, but I also don’t want her to forget who I am.

Adam, Santa Monica, CA


We hear this question all the time. A guy meets a girl, he gets her number, and then he agonizes over whether he should call her the following day, or the day after, or maybe he should REALLY play it cool and wait two weeks… yadda yadda.

Hey, come on. We've all seen "Swingers," right?

It’s a whole lot of angst over NOTHING. The idea that you need to wait a certain period of time before calling a girl is a myth.

Here’s the key to this. If you apply the techniques we explain in our book The Alpha Rules, you’re going to lay the proper GROUNDWORK with her during that first conversation.

This ensures that when you do call her, whether it’s a few hours or a few days later, she’s going to immediately remember you and be looking forward to chatting with you—because you presented yourself as a fun, original and confident guy.

This is the most important rule to remember, because it cuts straight to the root of all issues with getting women to answer your callback, and follow through on the next date.

(If it was simply a matter of getting a phone number, every guy out there could work that. But it's really getting her to SHOW UP that separates the Alpha Men from the boys.)

There isn’t any “time frame” you need to follow. But there are some Alpha Rules to setting up this first phone call to improve your chances of a successful outcome:  

1. First, when it’s time to get her digits, never ask her permission.

Make it seem like a foregone conclusion. (Remember the assumptive close from sales?)

When you’re ready to get her number, take your phone out of your pocket, and tell her:

“It was very cool to meet you, Cindy. I’m going to give you a call so we can continue this conversation. Give me your number.”

Don't even look at her, because that implies a need for permission. Just stare at your phone as if you're waiting for those numbers.

If you've been doing your part, and she has been enjoying your company up until that point, she’s not going to think twice about it. She is simply going to give it up. Case closed. Game over.


2. Next, set her expectations correctly.

Now, as you program her number into your phone, tell her, “I’m going to ring you tomorrow. What’s a good time to call?”

This sounds polite, and also you’re eliminating all those silly concerns about how long you should wait until calling. You’re laying out a specific plan (as Alpha Men always do).

Then, she’ll tell you a time when she will most likely be available to talk. This eliminates your concern that you might call her at an inappropriate time or disturb her when she’s in the middle of something. And it also shows consideration on your part.

3. FOLLOW your plan.

Call her tomorrow, at the time she indicated. If your intention is to take her out on a date, have the game plan for the date already mapped out.

Again, never sound as if you’re asking permission to see her again. (Never say, “So, if you’re free sometime, maybe we could do something…”)

Instead, tell her about a plan you ALREADY HAVE IN MOTION and suggest that she should join you, because it’s going to be a great time.

“Cindy, on Friday night I’m going to check out this comedy club I’ve heard awesome things about. My friends went there last weekend and had a blast. I’m going there at 9pm, why don’t you join me.” 

This could be a restaurant, a bar, a concert in the park…whatever.

The point is, you want to HAVE A PLAN and suggest that she join you. This eliminates another concern: that she’s going to decline your invitation. Using this approach, if she says she’s busy on Friday night, then it doesn’t seem like a “rejection”: you were going to do that activity anyway, with or without you. If she can’t join you, it’s her loss.

And just a little suggestion here, because so many guys use the things we say as black-and-white tactics: If you don't have something already going on, don't pretend as if you do. You'll lack the conviction and integrity to be convincing.

And you'll also undermine your own sense of self-esteem by falsely representing yourself like this to others. It's not hard to have something going on in your life, and frankly, we wouldn't want her going out with you if you didn't. This is more than just a superficial tactic to get a date - it's a method to make your life fun and powerful.

We deal in REALITY here, not posturing.

A final note: whenever you talk on the phone to a girl you’re just getting to know, whether she calls you or you call her, you want to keep it brief: under 5 minutes. Any longer makes her anxious about keeping up the small talk.

It’s important that you maintain a sense of mystery. Don’t show all your cards. If she wants to get to know you better, that needs to be done in person—not over the phone. That's the best method.

The ALPHA MAN method.

As we all know, women LOVE to chat on the phone. Don’t take the bait and get roped into a one-hour conversation where you’re telling each other your life stories. You’re a busy guy. An Alpha Man on the move.

The purpose of the phone call is only to lock down the next time you’re going to see her in person. Once you’ve made plans, it’s time for you to go. “I’ve got some business to handle now, Cindy, but I’ll see you on Friday night.”

You should never let HER be the one to end the phone call because that is an indicator that:

1) ... you were clinging on to a good thing too long (many guys are so happy that she answered, she remembered him, AND he got a date that they stay on forever), and ...

2) ...you lack confidence to decisively get on with your own life. Real Alpha Men don't have the time to talk on the phone all night when they're out pursuing their passions.

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Your friends,

Carlos & Dean


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- Carlos & Dean

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