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Dean & Carlos' Desk - Wednesday, 4:42 PM:

Carlos & Dean,

I’ve been dating this girl who’s hot, but a bit of a drama queen. Every time we hang out or talk on the phone, she wants to talk about her problems. She hates her job, her boss is a dick, she doesn’t know what to do with her life…blah blah.

I’ve been playing it cool and listening patiently and trying to offer advice, but the complaints never end. (The sex, however, is great. That’s why I’m sticking around.)

What’s the best way to deal with women like these? A lot of the girls I’ve dated are “complainers,” and seem to want a guy who will just listen and agree with them. 

- Martin, Los Angeles, CA

Look, she can pay for a therapist if she wants someone to unload her drama on. Or, she can always find spineless “nice guys” to take her on dates, spend money on her, and listen to her bitch and moan.

But if you’re going to be an Alpha Man, you’ve got to approach this situation differently.

It sounds like this particular girl isn’t worth wasting any more time on. But your story does raise some interesting points about the way you must influence the “mental state” of women.

Here’s what we mean…

As an Alpha Man, you’re not the ordinary guy who makes ordinary small talk with women. You’ve got to control the direction and the tempo of the conversation. You’re not going to allow the conversation to dwell on negative topics.

Your goal is to put her (and keep her) in a relaxed, comfortable, positive state of mind.

She should associate being around you with feeling relaxed and good about herself. This is going to make her want to spend as much time as possible with you.

You want to be her “drug;” every time she’s with you, her problems disappear and she feels happy and carefree. In time, she’ll develop an addiction to you.

Here’s a great technique to use on a first date:

Move the conversation onto the subject of “love” and get her reminiscing on a happy, innocent time in her life.

Say something like this:

“Do you remember the very first time you fell in love, and how amazing it felt? I remember my first time. It was exciting, a little bit scary, confusing…but it’s like a whole new world opens up...”

You don’t need to mention any details. (You never want to tell stories about your ex-girlfriends or past relationships.) The idea here is to simply transport her to a different mental state and put her mind on romance, instead of the crap she’s dealing with in the real world.

Another question to ask her, along these same lines:

“What’s the most romantic place you’ve ever been to in your life?”

Again, after she answers, have your own answer ready to go. Describe a place you visited—a city, a beach, etc—in vivid sensory detail.

Paint a romantic picture in her mind. Talk about how it was "the most beautiful, incredible, peaceful place" you’ve ever seen in your life, and tell her that someday - when you find the right person - you plan on going back there with them.

Figure out a few stories like these that you can share with women. Transport her away from the problems and stresses of the real world, and build a romantic bubble around the two of you.

Never talk about exes, drama, bad breakups, etc. Stay aware of her mental state, and control the conversation so that you keep her in a pleasant, positive state of mind…where she can imagine a fun, exciting, romantic future with you. 

That, my friend, is the Alpha Way.

There is something that a lot of men out there will never realize about guys who are good with women (and this especially includes the TRUE 'pickup artists'):

Men who are good with women are skilled in a common set of behaviors that make them SUCCESSFUL IN EVERYTHING they put their mind to.

You've heard of the "Midas Touch?" Just like the mythological king, everything they touch turns to GOLD.

Anyway, these guys consistently approach women, get phone numbers, get dates, and get all the fun they want with women... (even the physical stuff)


These guys consistently reach their goals, get results, get success, and get all the fun they want with LIFE.

These guys are what we call the ALPHA MEN.

No, he's not the guy who's an aggressive jerk in the bar, either.

We know something that most guys never learn. It's a KILLER secret that most guys don't realize about attracting women...


It's NOT ripping someone off if what you're doing gives you a better example of how to MODEL and make course corrections to your life before you fall into consistently LOSING behaviors.

And if you demonstrate LOSING behaviors too long, you know what you are?

We'll let you figure that one out. (We'll give you a hint: It starts with LOSE and ends in ER. And we don't honestly believe any man should become that.)

In other words, if you simply figure out how to present your TRUE personality in the RIGHT WAYS, you'll do just as good as they did - WITHOUT imitating them!

Anyway, now we're PISSED OFF...

We'll tell you 2 reasons why...

1) We realized that these simple behaviors that the Alpha Men were engaging in were destroying other guys chances with women. They were literally GETTING ANY WOMAN THEY WANTED with very little effort.

This wasn't fair to other guys that deserved to get the same thing in their lives, too.

2) We realized that even though these behaviors were easy to identify, LESS than 5% of men were aware they even EXISTED.

And that's the one that pissed us off the most.

Are you starting to see where all this is going?

Here's why you need to SIT UP and read this CLOSELY:

After over 5 years of helping men learn how to improve their dating lives, we STILL hadn't made a big enough dent in the number of guys who knew about this "secret."

We realized...


Now it's time to give you the same KILLER tools these Alpha Men
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Yeah, we know, you don't care about a bunch of rules.

Here's the important part, so PAY ATTENTION:

What you care about is how these are going to point you towards a better LIFESTYLE.

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And you'll also get a look at all the behaviors that are actually DESTROYING your ability to attract women into your life.

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We're not going to waste another minute telling you about it all here.

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Your friends,

Carlos & Dean


PS: Really, if you're serious AT ALL about improving the quality of your life - in ALL areas, you owe it to yourself to take a step in the right direction. We teach the methods that honorable men - powerful ALPHA Men use every day to get what they want from life.

No manipulation required.

And now you can get these methods, too.

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- Carlos & Dean

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