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The "Just Be Yourself" Myth
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Dean & Carlos' Desk - Tuesday, 10:10 AM:

The REAL Truth Behind the "Just Be Yourself" Hype

Have you ever heard the advice "Just be yourself" when it comes to dating and attracting women?

You hear it in many different ways out there, some good, some well-meaning but horribly damaging to your game.

Part of what we teach to men is HOW to be you without being the dorky, unattractive you. That might sound like "be yourself," but it's not the same.

The fact is that there are two different "you"s in there.

You #1: Is the awkward, anxious, insecure, poorly presented guy.

You #2: Is the cool, relaxed, confident, polished, Alpha Man.

Now, you can reconcile these, and we're going to tell you more about this in a minute, but the problem comes when others are telling you to adopt a bunch of personality traits or behaviors that are too incongruent with your SELF-IMAGE.

You see, the big revelation you need to know is that you will only succeed to the level of your current SELF-IMAGE. How you see yourself determines what you're able to actually accomplish.

As a friend of ours once said,

"In a struggle between grit-your-teeth perseverance and your self-image, your self-image will win EVERY time."

Sure, you can bulldog it for a while, but it becomes exhausting and taxing on your nervous system. The fact is that if it's not FUN in some way for you, odds are that you will NOT continue to do it.

The pain barrier MUST be broken through QUICKLY.

In the short term, you may have to 'just do it,' but long-term change requires that you alter your image of yourself to make lasting changes.

So let's get back to the "Just Be Yourself" fallacy. Here's the Truth, as we see it:

- You must adopt new habits and new behaviors to your lifestyle to turn the Unattractive You #1 into the Cool You #2.

This is simply a process of becoming more socially aware. It starts with projecting the parts of your personality that are attractive but hidden, as well as snuffing out those parts of your personality that are UNattractive and obvious.

- The new habits and behaviors you adopt cannot be in complete contradiction to your current self-image (or too big a gap) or your mind will reject them, like an organ transplant gone bad.

- On the other hand, if you try to be TOO much like yourself and you don't get the success you are told you ought to get by being "yourself," your mind starts to reject YOU as being inadequate. And your self-esteem plummets - FAST.

So where the hell is the middle ground?

It's all in your head.

Chances are, you've done both of these strategies with mixtures of success and failure. You've probably been "yourself," and you've probably also used a lot of someone else's "techniques" to get you into the frame of the "pickup artist."

The key here is simply making sure that you use the techniques and advice given as a MODEL - an example of behavior that can work effectively - AND - use yourself as the frame on which to build your New You.

(Let's call it "You, Version 2.0")

Remember this is a MODEL, not an IMPERSONATION. Impersonations are funny and fake. Modeling is intelligent application of a real-world example.

Big difference.

So in order to be yourself and still improve, what has to happen eventually is this:

- You use some of the pickup techniques out there in a way that is congruent to your own personality - while being careful to not dismiss something just because you've never tried it before.

- As you use them, you find ways of integrating the beliefs of this model INTO YOURSELF. It's no longer "fake" or "weird" because you UNDERSTAND application and have integrated the model into your personality. Now it's becoming REAL.

The reality is that for you to change and improve your skills with women, you must EXPAND your current self.

This is commonly known as "growing."

There is only growing or dying. There is no such thing as sitting still.

i.e., Your only direction is toward Self-improvement.

If it was simple and easy and comfortable, everyone would be doing it. But they're not. So there's your advantage.

Are you willing to expand your self-perception? Are you ready to grow beyond your current self-limiting beliefs?

Are you ready to be all that you can be?

Then it's time to get busy.

Learn how to be your BEST self.

Now, you need to read the next couple paragraphs carefully, because what we have to say will have a DIRECT IMPACT ON YOU...

There is something that a lot of men out there will never realize about guys who are good with women (and this especially includes the TRUE 'pickup artists'):

Men who are good with women are skilled in a common set of behaviors that make them SUCCESSFUL IN EVERYTHING they put their mind to.

You've heard of the "Midas Touch?" Just like the mythological king, everything they touch turns to GOLD.

Anyway, these guys consistently approach women, get phone numbers, get dates, and get all the fun they want with women... (even the physical stuff)


These guys consistently reach their goals, get results, get success, and get all the fun they want with LIFE.

These guys are what we call the ALPHA MEN.

No, he's not the guy who's an aggressive jerk in the bar, either.

We know something that most guys never learn. It's a KILLER secret that most guys don't realize about attracting women...


It's NOT ripping someone off if what you're doing gives you a better example of how to MODEL and make course corrections to your life before you fall into consistently LOSING behaviors.

And if you demonstrate LOSING behaviors too long, you know what you are?

We'll let you figure that one out. (We'll give you a hint: It starts with LOSE and ends in ER. And we don't honestly believe any man should become that.)

In other words, if you simply figure out how to present your TRUE personality in the RIGHT WAYS, you'll do just as good as they did - WITHOUT imitating them!

Anyway, now we're PISSED OFF...

We'll tell you 2 reasons why...

1) We realized that these simple behaviors that the Alpha Men were engaging in were destroying other guys chances with women. They were literally GETTING ANY WOMAN THEY WANTED with very little effort.

This wasn't fair to other guys that deserved to get the same thing in their lives, too.

2) We realized that even though these behaviors were easy to identify, LESS than 5% of men were aware they even EXISTED.

And that's the one that pissed us off the most.

Are you starting to see where all this is going?

Here's why you need to SIT UP and read this CLOSELY:

After over 5 years of helping men learn how to improve their dating lives, we STILL hadn't made a big enough dent in the number of guys who knew about this "secret."

We realized...


Now it's time to give you the same KILLER tools these Alpha Men
have had for years to get the Alpha LIFESTYLE that almost every man


Download a copy of our special e-book that will outline the PRECISE behaviors of these Alpha Men.

We call them ALPHA RULES.

Yeah, we know, you don't care about a bunch of rules. You want RESULTS.

Here's the important part, so PAY ATTENTION:

What you care about is how these are going to point you towards a better LIFESTYLE.

You don't want to know that this thing is almost 300 pages of detailed strategies and techniques...

You just want RESULTS...

And you want them NOW!

And you'll also get a look at all the behaviors that are actually DESTROYING your ability to attract women into your life.

(EXPOSED - finally!)

We're not going to waste another minute telling you about it all here.

Go discover the beauty of this system right now...

Go get your copy of The Alpha Rules.


Your friends,

Carlos & Dean


PS: Really, if you're serious AT ALL about improving the quality of
your life - in ALL areas, you owe it to yourself to take a step in
the right direction. We teach the methods that honorable men -
powerful ALPHA Men use every day to get what they want from life.

No manipulation necessary.

And now you can get these exact same skills, too.

Go here now: Learn How the Alpha Man Rules


- Carlos & Dean

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