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Dean's Desk - Tuesday, 6:07 PM:

Our new book The Alpha Rules is changing the way men view dating, sex and relationships. Most importantly, it’s showing men how to reclaim their masculine power.

Women might not be consciously aware of it, but what they truly desire (what they NEED, in fact) is an Alpha Man. This is basic human biology, the way it’s been for thousands of years.

The Alpha Man doesn’t need to rely on his looks, or a flashy car, or deception in order to make an impression on women. He understands the Attraction Triggers that are inside of every woman, and how projecting Alpha qualities is the ONLY way to engage and stimulate women on a real, lasting level.

The Alpha Rules also shreds a lot of the myths that have been holding men back. (As you’ll learn in the book, 90% of men have the wrong belief system about themselves, and about women—and this is absolutely devastating to your confidence.)


One of the biggest myths - and clichés - about dating is that women are attracted to jerks, and that “nice guys” finish last.

We’ve got a friend named Michael who used to be the king of this. He was an incredibly nice, caring guy, someone any of us would want as a friend. But he was constantly being mistreated by women.

For two years he was strung along by a girl named Monica. She had an ex-boyfriend who she kept going back to. The guy was struggling to make it as a rock musician and was always borrowing money from her. She knew he was sleeping with other girls. And yet, Monica kept running back to him. She wound up breaking it off with Michael to be with him.

So now Michael was single again and dating. He would take girls out to nice restaurants, but after one or two dates they would blow him off. More than once he heard the line, “You’re an awesome guy, but I think it’s better if we’re just friends.”

Finally one day he’d had enough. “I just don’t get it,” he told us. “Women always SAY they want a nice guy, a gentleman. And yet they turn around and date these guys who treat them crap.”   

(This is particularly true with the species of woman known as the “M.A.W.”: Model, Actress, Whatever. Y’know, the hotties with the fake boobs and fake tans, prancing around in the nightclubs and bars like they’re waiting for Hugh Hefner to discover them. They fancy themselves as models or actresses, but right now they’re waitressing, go-go dancing, stripping, etc.)

These girls look good enough to have their pick of men. They have the option to date millionaires who would give them anything they wanted. And yet they have a tendency to date “bad boys”…guys who are unpredictable, unfaithful, and can’t be trusted. And the crazy thing is, the more these guys mistreat them, the harder their girlfriends cling to them!

So what is it about “bad boys” that women find so alluring? And why do “nice guys” get the shaft?

Here’s what you need to understand, and it’s an essential step towards becoming an Alpha Man.

First, no woman, unless she’s screwed up in the head (and these girls need to be AVOIDED), dates abusive men because she WANTS to be mistreated. Women are attracted to bad boys on an deep subconscious level because of certain BEHAVIORS that the bad boy exhibits.

Second, it is entirely possible to remain a “nice guy”—a positive, caring, decent human being—while also having a bad boy EDGE to your personality that women find attractive.

Here are some of the core qualities that bad boys, and Alpha Men, share: 

  • Bad Boys are independent. They lead their own lives and fit women into their schedule, not the other way around. Women want what they can’t have—and bad boys present a challenge and sense of mystery.

  • Bad Boys are decisive. They’re never wishy-washy. Women love a man who isn’t afraid to lead. A leader who confronts situations is a man who is capable of fulfilling the most core female need: to feel protected. You’ll never hear a bad boy say, “So do you want to hang out sometime?” Or, “what do you feel like doing tonight?” Bad boys are men on the move. They’ve always got plans in motion. And women want to go along for the ride.

  • Bad boys don’t wear their emotions on their sleeve. Pouring out your feelings to a girl might seem like a sweet romantic gesture, but in reality it usually blows you out of the water. (This approach only works in Hollywood romantic movies.) When a girl hasn’t made up her mind about you, but you make it clear that you’re into her, you’re no longer a challenge and she loses interest. Bad boys, on the other hand, keep women guessing: Is he really into me, or is he playing games? How many other girls does he have in his life right now? This triggers the female competitive instinct. 

  • Bad Boys are unpredictable. They don’t follow a set routine every day, and when they’re interested in a woman, they don’t follow the predictable “script” with her. (Ask her to dinner for date #1, take her to a movie on date #2, etc…while hoping and praying for the goodnight kiss!) They’re spontaneous and make every outing with a woman seem like an adventure. When a girl is around a bad boy, she’s never sure where the evening is going to lead. (But she’s hoping it eventually leads back to his place…)


Now, back to Michael.

What we had to do to fix his situation was get him to "Man up." He had to cultivate a charge of masculine power that a woman would sense and respect. You see, a woman will only relegate you to the friends pile when she senses that you lack a masculine identity.

There are herds of men out there today that are afraid to demonstrate their masculinity. Many even fear the word.

When Michael started using the traits of the Bad Boy in his everyday behavior, he noticed that women were starting to look at him in a different light. Even one of his co-workers, Jeneya, a hot temp in his office, asked him out to drinks with her.

The Alpha Rules explains step-by-step how to reframe your belief systems and become a man that women are irresistibly drawn to. We’re going to show you how to retain your integrity and character while exuding a high level of confidence and power.

You’re also going to learn a big fat secret: What women SAY they want (a nice guy, a guy with money, a guy who’s tall and handsome, etc) is totally different from what they ACTUALLY want. 

If you’ve ever felt that your “nice guy” personality has been a drawback with women (and nearly ALL of us have felt this way before), get ready to shed this baggage. The Alpha Rules will transform yourself into a man that women desire on a deep, powerful, real level.


Good luck with this, and be sure to send us your success stories.

We'll be back soon with another part of the Alpha Lifestyle e-course...


- Carlos & Dean


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